Hearts of Faith Series / Book 1

Hello everyone! Today is one of the first warm and sunny days we've had in almost a week. Yah! Besides writing this post my plans for the day consisted of mowing lawns, making dinner, and in the evening our family game night. We also hope to go swimming in our ponds later today. We went yesterday but it was pretty cold because of all the rain and lack of sun. I hope it will be warmer today than yesterday.

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The first "Time in the Limelight" will be posted tomorrow and is featuring the two main characters in today's book, Elizabeth Whitbread and John Costin. Before I spoil anything about the book I will get on with the review. :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Author: Jody Hedlund
Series: Hearts of Faith (Book #1)

In 1650s England, a young Puritan maiden is on a mission to save the baby of her newly widowed preacher whether her assistance is wanted or not. Always ready to help those in need, Elizabeth ignores John's protests of her aid. She's even willing to risk her lone marriage prospect to help the little family. Yet Elizabeth's new role as nanny takes a dangerous turn when John's boldness from the pulpit makes him a target of political and religious leaders. As the preacher's enemies become desperate to silence him, they draw Elizabeth into a deadly web of deception. Finding herself in more danger than she ever bargained for, she's more determined than ever to save the child and man she's come to love.

My Review: The Preacher's Bride was slightly based on the life of John and Elizabeth Bunyan. It really made me think more about them and what their life might have been like. Jody Hedlund portrays John and Elizabeth with a quick mind and sense of humor so their conversations were fun to read. I appreciated how both of the characters had a strong determination to do what was right and what God called them to do even with opposition. The Preacher's Bride was encouraging and inspirational-a wonderful book.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Would I recommend this book? Yes. This was a great book--encouraging, with a nice amount of suspense, adventure, and romance.

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