Time in the Limelight with Elizabeth Whitbread & John Costin


Anna Selezneva (my view of Elizabeth)
Brief Physical Description:

Elizabeth Whitbread is a young Puritan woman. She has always believed herself to be unattractive but others are willing to disagree. She has wispy dark blonde hair and gray eyes full of emotion and fire.

John Costin is a recently widowed preacher. He is strongly built with untamable red hair. His blue eyes are bright and quick to sparkle.
(sorry, no photo for him)

Character Traits:

Elizabeth is very compassionate and generous in helping with the needs of others. She is not easily swayed by others' opinions and determination is a strong point. She is a hard worker, not shirking away from her responsibilities. When Elizabeth feels called to do God's will she is devoted to the task. A quick wit gives her a special ability with words-a common trait she shares with John.

Like Elizabeth, John has a special way with words; which is why he makes such a great preacher. He is quick to find the humor in a situation and determined to share God's word; despite the consequences. 


Elizabeth is the daughter of a baker. She helps her father bake bread and deliver extra loaves to the poor. When John Costin becomes widowed with four small children Elizabeth becomes housekeeper for the family.

John was a tinker for many years before God called him to be a preacher. Although he stays very busy traveling to various cities and towns, he still finds time to work in his forge. He is the father of four children, the oldest being only eight and blind.

Note: The Preacher's Bride is loosely based on the account of John and Elizabeth Bunyan.

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