The Homeward Trilogy / Book 1

What beautiful weather we have been having the last few days! Although it has not been above sixty, the sun is shining, a slight breeze is blowing, it isn't raining, and the grass is long enough to be mowed :P. I hope the weather at your home is pleasant also.

We are starting a new series this week, The Homeward Trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren. The first book, of three, is Breathe. I enjoyed reading these books and if you like books with adventure and excitement I'm sure you will too.

Wishing you a joyous day!

Book Title: Breathe
Series: The Homeward Trilogy (Book #1)
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Description: Devastated by the loss of four sons to tuberculosis and his wife in childbirth, a Philadelphia patriarch sends his three living children west in 1883 to make a new life in the clean mountain air of Colorado Springs. Odessa is struggling to survive consumption; Moira is beautiful and dangerously headstrong; and pugnacious Dominic is charged with establishing a new arm of the family business a business he doesn't want. Readers will love The Homeward Trilogy, in which the St. Clair siblings struggle to follow where the heavenly Father leads them.

In Breathe, Odessa arrives at a famous sanitarium seeking a cure for the disease that killed her brothers. While Moira and Nic establish themselves in Colorado Springs society, Dessa inches her way back to health - and into love with a softspoken fellow patient, rancher Bryce McAllan. When she witnesses a murder in the very hospital where she is recuperating-and other patients begin to die, Dessa struggles to breathe again. She'd always expected to die young, but now that she has a reason to live, can she hold on to her fragile health to solve the mystery?

My Review: Breathe tells the story of a consumption victim, Odessa. In more than one way, Odessa has to learn to breathe clear and strong. Not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. As she seeks a new life of health in Colorado, Odessa also begins a new journey in faith and love.

This book by Lisa T. Bergren was an exciting and encouraging book to read. While you can get away by just reading this book, I would suggest reading the other two books in the series. The story continues and, in my opinion, getting more exciting!

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Would I recommend this book? Yes. This book is for anyone who likes novels with a western theme, romance, adventure, and excitement. 

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