Is God My Imaginary Friend?

Book Title: Is God My Imaginary Friend? Is God Real?
Author: C. C. Strachan
Illustrator: Chernelle Walkes

How do you know that God is real? This is hard enough to explain to an adult, but how do you answer such a question for a child? In Is God My Imaginary Friend? author C. C. Strachan simplifies apologetics into illustrated children’s rhymes. 

“Your five senses can tell you much, but some things are just a hunch,” Daddy responds to his little boy. As he explains each sense, readers are invited to interact in the discussion, and slowly but surely the father illuminates how you can know God exists even though you can’t see him.

Closing with a prayer to Jesus, this book invites children and adults alike on a simple, spiritual journey that transforms how you experience the world and your faith.

My Review:
Is God My Imaginary Friend? is a rhyming children's books that answers the question "how do I know that God is real?". With simple and easy words this is a book that most children will be able to read themselves. It has cute drawings that will leave you eager to turn the next page and a basic, yet meaningful, message important for children and adults alike.

A perfect addition to your collection of children's books.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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