A Girl After God's Own Heart

This book is not in our Bright Lights Lending Library but I'd definitely recommend it for Bright Lights girls to read...
Book Title: A Girl After God's Own Heart - A Tween Adventure with Jesus
Author: Elizabeth George
Live out your dreams as you become a girl after God's own heart!
Homework! Friends! Activities! Parents! The life of a tween girl is full of so much action--and sometimes so much confusion! How can I find a real best friend? How can I get along with my brothers and sisters? How can I make time in my busy life for Jesus? How can I know the right things to say and do--especially when I keep messing up?
As you set out on this fun adventure with Jesus, you'll learn what it means to be a girl after God's own heart--a girl who loves Him and follows Him by...
  • growing in love for your family and your friends--even when it seems like you're all alone
  • growing in wisdom as you learn to make good choices and fewer mistakes
  • growing in grace as you face the things that are hard--from friendships, to schoolwork, to doubts about yourself
  • growing in joy as you fall more and more in love with Jesus
Walking with God is the most amazing journey a girl can take. Start today! Take your first steps to becoming a girl after God's own heart.  
My Review:
A Girl After God's Own Heart is a great books for girls who desire to grow closer to Jesus. With just ten chapters this book makes for a great Bible study book. Each lesson is written in a fun and short, easy-to-read manner that you'll be sure to enjoy. As you read through this book you will be encouraged in your walk with Christ and inspired to live the life that God designed you for. --a must read book for all young girls.

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