Daughters of Destiny

Another book in the Bright Light's Lending Library, Daughters of Destiny is an inspiring book filled with stories and poems of women of virtue, strength, royalty, stature, service, purpose, and vision.
Daughters of Destiny
A Treasury of Historical Narratives, Lessons and Poetry
for Daughters, Young and Old
Author: Noelle Wheeler
Have you ever heard of Grace Darling, Emily Geiger, Edith of Scotland, Mary McCann? The compelling deeds of these noteworthy women of history were bound to have been buried and forgotten--until now. Daughters of Destiny revives the spirit and courage of those forgotten heroines of the past as well as revisits the remembered women of history.
This treasury of historical narratives, lessons, and poetry will inspire women and girls of today to strive for service to God, home, family, and country--to achieve true greatness. The maxim "behind every great man stands a woman" is what Daughters of Destiny is all about.
My thoughts on this book:
This has always been one of my favorite books in the Bright Lights Lending Library. I love reading stories of women of old who stand above the rest because of their courage and bravery. The stories and lessons are great but poems have never been my favorite and I skip most of them. I would encourage any girl of any age to read this inspirational collection. 
Genres: Young Adult, Faith, History

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