1st day of Autumn

Today's the first day of Autumn! The leaves have already begun to turn colors here in Pennsylvania and you can actually smell the difference in the air. What are some of your favorite things about Fall? Even though I prefer Summer you can't beat the beauty of the colorful trees. It doesn't hurt either that apples will be in season soon...can't wait to start baking, and eating :), the pies, sauces, and other desserts.

To celebrate the first day of a new season I'm posting another desktop background. Hope you all enjoy!

This picture is available as a desktop background on this link: Desktop Background

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  1. Fall is one of my favorite seasons! There are a lot of special things about it!!
    I think is is especially neat how the trees have to die before they can become the gorgeous colors we all enjoy! Taking walks in the woods is one of my favorite ways to enjoy this season....nothing beats the sound of crunchy leaves under my feet and the brisk, cool feel in the air :)