Meet Mollie Tate & Jacob Sadler

Brief Physical Description:
Mollie Tate is a spunky young woman. Her bright and cheerful personality makes her a joy to be around. She has beautiful dark-blonde hair and a svelte figure. She became an orphan at a young age but was blessed to be rescued by a kind man named "Uncle" Curtis. Mollie is quick to see the best in people and has a deep passion for her "family". - Julianne Hough is my view of Mollie.
Jacob Sadler is a man burdened with the memories of the past. He comes back to his original home to lay those memories to rest but because of unforeseen circumstances they are more real than ever. He has hair of very dark-brown color. His eyes are a vibrant blue, a trait Mollie really likes, and a muscular build. Jacob struggles with forgiveness but Mollie is determined to help him overcome this. :) - I thought Scott Shilstone fit Jacob's description pretty well.

Character Traits:
Mollie is a loyal, fun-loving girl. Family is everything to her and just because someone's made a mistake doesn't mean you stop loving them for even a minute. She's compassionate and tough, a combination that works well when you are the assistant to a doctor. Blood may make a body queasy but when there's a job to be done Mollie isn't one to shirk from the sight. She's spunky and a bit stubborn too. She is a natural born peace-maker and has made it her goal to help the two men she loves the most in the world come to forgive each other and become a true family again.

Jacob has all the right characteristics of his trade. His has a heart for helping others and when there's a crisis you can be sure he'll be one of the first there. He is naturally protective of his friends and family; which makes forgiving the one who hurt them a big issue for him. Jacob is also tenacious. Just because something looks hard doesn't mean it's impossible. He is devoted and would do anything for Darius and Nicole Rucker, his "adopted" parents, and of course, would even try to lasso the moon for Mollie :D)

Mollie used to be a pick-pocket when she was a young orphan. When she was rescued by "Uncle" Curtis, she became saved and gave up those ways. She lived at Uncle Curtis's home with the other orphaned children he gave a home to. Most of them, when they became older, moved on but Mollie is too close to her adopted family to leave so she stays at a rented room in town to be close by. When the new doctor comes to town he offers her a job as an assistant; to which she gladly accepts with only a little hesitation.

Jacob studied to become a doctor at a young age. His service in the Civil War as an army doctor was anything but pleasant and he has many bad memories of the lives he couldn't save. He has now come to his original hometown of Cold Springs to take over the practice from the old town doctor.


  1. Time in the Limelight...what can i say except that I LOVE IT! It is definitely one of my favorite parts of your blog. :) Whenever I read books, I find I develop a certain image of what the different characters look like...might have to try doing something like this for my own reading!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Time in the Limelight's are one of my favorite things to post! I almost feel like the characters that I read about are real people. It's funny that you can read a book with no pictures and yet see everything so clearly in your mind it's like you're watching a movie! :)