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Welcome to the first week of February! Valentine's Day is just around the corner (ten days to be exact). I wrote a book for Valentine's Day once. (I was eleven) It was called Valentine's Day Fun - Games, Recipes, Crafts, Stories, and More! My first book, and to make it all professional I had it spiraled bound at Staples. I spent weeks writing the story, designing the games, and illustrating pictures. I was very excited and decided I was going to make a whole series. One for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter,... all those special occasions. I never finished. :(
Do you have any special Valentine's Day memories? I'd love to hear about them, just leave me a comment down below.
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Book Title: The Fairest Beauty
Series: Book 3 of the Hagenheim / Fairy Tale Romance
Author: Melanie Dickerson
A daring rescue. A difficult choice.
Sophie desperately wants to get away from her stepmother's jealousy, and believes escape is her only chance to be happy. Then a young man named Gabe arrives from Hagenheim Castle, claiming she is betrothed to his older brother, and everything twists upside down. This could be Sophie's one chance at freedom--but can she trust another person to keep her safe?
Gabe defied his parents Rose and Wilhelm by going to find Sophie, and now he believes they a right to worry: the girl's inner and outer beauty has enchanted him. Though romance is impossible--she is his brother's future wife, and Gabe himself is betrothed to someone else--he promises himself that he will see the mission through, no matter what. When the pair flee to the Cottage of the Seven, they find help--but also find their feelings for each other have grown. Now both must not only protect each other from the dangers around them--they must also protect their hearts.
My Review:
The Fairest Beauty is based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but you can probably tell by the front cover and name. (love the front cover by the way) The book itself was a lot like Snow White's but with a Christian point of view. As good as the book was, I would have liked it better if the step-mother wasn't quite so wicked as the book made her to be. Maybe it's just me, because evil villains in the Disney fairy tales always creeped me out as a kid and even know I still don't like them. It would have been fine except for the part where the step-mother wants Sophie's heart brought to her and then ponders what to do with it. Kinda yucky. Also, I didn't feel like there was as much depth to Sophie and Gabe's relationship as the other characters in the series.
On the plus side, Sophie's (Snow White) personality was very sweet and I liked her a lot. I admired how, even in the most difficult situations, she always strove to be kind and to do what was right. All in all, another good book in Melanie Dickerson's fairy tale series.
My Rating:⭐⭐⭐
Coming Soon: An interview with the author,

Melanie Dickerson!



  1. Do you know of a place where I can download books for free to my kindle?

    1. Hi. The only site I'm aware of with free downloads is BookBub. I receive daily notifications telling me of books that have recently dropped in price or are currently free. There may be a site that you can download whatever book you want for free but I definitely haven't discovered it. :P Is there a specific book you're looking for?

    2. Thanks! I'll look into it. No specific book, I just needed something to read! :)
      I actually got some through amazon though. Thanks again!

    3. No problem. Amazon is my favorite place to find free books. They have a couple new ones every day. Thanks for the comments!