Journeys of Faithfulness

Journeys of Faithfulness*
Stories for the Heart for Faithful Girls

Author: Sarah Clarkson
This is a book about journeys -- the journeys of four faithful young women who traveled the roads of their lives with God, and how their stories can be an encouragement to Christian young women today. Come, read about the lives of Mary of Bethany, Ester, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Ruth. You will be inspired by their creatively told stories, encouraged by personal insights from the author's journey, and challenged by choice scriptures. In the end, you will be strengthened in your own journey of faithfulness with God.

My thoughts on this book:
Sarah Clarkson is a gifted writer who makes Bible stories come alive through her retelling. My favorite story in Journeys of Faithfulness is Mary of Bethany. It gives a nice glimpse into Mary and her sister, Martha's life. The other stores are about Esther, Mary (the mother of Jesus), and Ruth; and each of them are as good as the first. Reading about these women of faith will encourage you to be one too.

Genres: Young Adult, Faith

*Note: There is a newer copy of this book published, Journeys of Faithfulness: Stories of Life and Faith for Young Christian Women.

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