Random Novel / Miracles

Book Title: Miracles: 32 True Stories
Author: Joanie Hileman

A dying child counts angels in her room. A teenage boy stuns doctors by recovering from a massive brain injury. A bubble of protection surrounds a man about to be hit by a car...These miraculous accounts and twenty-nine more are recorded in Miracles: 32 True Stories.

My Review:
I love reading true accounts of miracles! It's always such an inspiring topic because it strengthens my belief that my God is a God of wonder, power, and love.

The author mentioned in the beginning of the book that she is not a writer, merely a person who felt lead to make known the accounts of miraculous interventions. I could tell by some of the stories that she was not a professional writer but I felt that the stories were told in an entertaining manner anyway.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

New Releases: Fire and Ice

Book Title: Fire and Ice
Author: Mary Connealy
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
Publisher: Bethany House

Saddle up for mysteries and laughs with the Wilde sisters!

Bailey Wilde is the oldest sister--and the one who takes care of everyone else in her family. But after her sisters marry and move away, her little homestead becomes bleak and lonely, especially during the long winter months. In a moment of weakness, Bailey agrees to a wild plan concocted by her neighbor, Gage Coulter.

Gage is an honest man, but he didn't make his fortune by being weak. He won't break the law, but he'll push as hard as he can within it. Five thousand acres of excellent grazing land is lost to him because Bailey's homestead is located right across the entrance to a canyon full of lush grass. Gage has to regain access to this land--and he's got to go through Bailey to do it. So he makes a proposal...

Can these two independent, life-toughened homesteaders finally loosen up enough to earn each other's respect--and maybe find love in the process?

My Review:
Mary Connealy is an author whose talent lies in writing books guaranteed to make the reader laugh. The conversations and interactions of the two characters, Gage and Bailey are hilarious to read about. From the moment you step into the story, with bullets whizzing, until the very last page your attention is sure to be captivated. I know I was. It was definitely a struggle to put the book down; so much so, that I almost read it all in one day.

If you're looking for a book with a western theme, small-scale mystery, comical characters, and a romance sure to make you chuckle, Fire and Ice is the one for you.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Note: I received this book through NetGalley. http://netgalley.

Interview with Lisa Tawn Bergren

I am super excited about posting this interview. Lisa Tawn Bergren is an author that will always hold a special place in my heart. It was her River of Time Series that got me hooked on books and those were the first books I reviewed on this blog.

Hope you will enjoy learning more about this amazing author as much as I did! P.S. I'd definitely recommend you to look up her books... :)

Author, Lisa Tawn Bergren
Where do you get the inspiration for your characters (their personality, looks, circumstances, etc,.)?
It all starts with a name. The right name seems to automatically give me a picture of each of them; but sometimes I find pics in magazines and then match a name to the model. Then I move into backstory--what made them who they are today.

Do you have a favorite male and/or female character from your books?
Lord Greco from River of Time--because he surprised me. He was supposed to be the bad guy and yet I feel a little in love with him. Gabi from River, and Andriana from Remnants are faves too; I think I always “become” the heroine in my novels so I can feel whatever they’re feeling, experience whatever they’re experiencing, etc.

Out of all the books you’ve written, do you have a favorite?
THE BEGOTTEN. Medieval. Italy. Epic, spiritual suspense. Enough said?

How does your faith influence your books?
For me, faith is a part of my whole life, so to not include some aspect of faith--even a little--would seem like it was missing a piece. I never try to preach. Just bring up the spiritual when it makes sense for the character/story.

Do you find it difficult to write dystopian-fantasy novels?
Difficult, no. Challenging, yes. Before REMNANTS, I’d always written contemporary or historical series. Creating a world from scratch, with no basis (either in personal knowledge or history books) was hard.

What message do you hope your readers get out of your books?
No matter what I write, I hope readers come away with a deeper sense of love.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about being an author?
Getting my butt in the chair to write.

What is your favorite thing about being an author?
Making stuff up and getting paid for it.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Rise at 7am. Coffee. Walk the dog. Shower. Facebook. Emails. Write. Work on ducks (RMrustic.com--our family business). Lunch. Grocery shop. More ducks. Facebook. More emails. Chill with the family. National news at 5:30. Dinner. Sleep by 10pm. zzzzz

What are two things that people might be surprised to know about you?
I’m an introvert and homebody. I’m perfectly content to be with just my family for days at a time.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher.

What’s the next book you're writing?
THREE WISHES: A River of Time California Novel (time-slip romance)
Thank you so much, Lisa Tawn Bergren for taking the time to do this interview!! I can't wait for your next books, Three Wishes and Remnants: Season of Glory. I'm so excited to know you're doing another time travel novel! <3 <3

A Girl After God's Own Heart

This book is not in our Bright Lights Lending Library but I'd definitely recommend it for Bright Lights girls to read...
Book Title: A Girl After God's Own Heart - A Tween Adventure with Jesus
Author: Elizabeth George
Live out your dreams as you become a girl after God's own heart!
Homework! Friends! Activities! Parents! The life of a tween girl is full of so much action--and sometimes so much confusion! How can I find a real best friend? How can I get along with my brothers and sisters? How can I make time in my busy life for Jesus? How can I know the right things to say and do--especially when I keep messing up?
As you set out on this fun adventure with Jesus, you'll learn what it means to be a girl after God's own heart--a girl who loves Him and follows Him by...
  • growing in love for your family and your friends--even when it seems like you're all alone
  • growing in wisdom as you learn to make good choices and fewer mistakes
  • growing in grace as you face the things that are hard--from friendships, to schoolwork, to doubts about yourself
  • growing in joy as you fall more and more in love with Jesus
Walking with God is the most amazing journey a girl can take. Start today! Take your first steps to becoming a girl after God's own heart.  
My Review:
A Girl After God's Own Heart is a great books for girls who desire to grow closer to Jesus. With just ten chapters this book makes for a great Bible study book. Each lesson is written in a fun and short, easy-to-read manner that you'll be sure to enjoy. As you read through this book you will be encouraged in your walk with Christ and inspired to live the life that God designed you for. --a must read book for all young girls.

More books in the After God's Own Heart Series by Elizabeth George

Remnants / Book 2

Book Title: Remnants: Season of Fire
Series: Remnants (Book 2)
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

After tackling her first mission and coming to terms with her power of empathy, Andriana discovers her first battles were only a taste of what is to come. She and her knight, Ronan, have admitted their feelings for each other, but their bonds are tested when Dri is captured by their mortal and spiritual enemy—Sethos—and his master, Keallach, emperor of Pacifica. Andriana is certain Keallach can be convinced to follow the Maker's plan and join the other Remnants … but in time, she must decide whether she really can pull him back to the Way, or if Sethos's web of darkness has slowly and thoroughly trapped them both … forever.

My Review:
Lisa Tawn Bergren has done it again... Remnants: Season of Fire is a totally outstanding book! If I were judge I'd give it the #1 best book of the year award. :)

I loved everything about this book. The plot, the excitement, the enamoring characters, EVERYTHING! I was captivated with every word. The scenes were vivid and in engaging details. I felt like I was actually there in the future with Andriana and the rest of the Remnants and Knights. This book would make an awesome movie!

--My one and only suggestion would be to add the last chapter of the first book as a prologue for this book. You are kinda left hanging in the first book and unless you read them one after another you'll have a hard time remembering where you had left off at.

I will have a hard time waiting for the next book to come out. March of 2016 won't be able to come soon enough for my liking. :P

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Be on the lookout for an interview with the author, Lisa Tawn Bergren next week!!

Remnants / Book 1

I just recently realized that I haven't done any weekly book reviews for awhile... So I decided to pick another series and came up with Lisa Tawn Bergren's Remnants Series. It's a different genre then I usually go with, being a sci-fi / dystopian, but I enjoyed reading the books in this series just as much, if not more.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather!

Book Title: Remnants: Season of Wonder
Series: Remnants (Book 1)
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren

In the first novel of this YA futuristic/dystopian series by Lisa T. Bergren, gifted teens known as Remnants have been chosen and trained to act as humanity’s last hope to rectify the horrors that are part of everyday life in 2095.

Their arrival was foretold for years...

Andriana is a Remnant, gifted as an empath and one of the Ailith, destined to act as humanity’s last shield against the horrors that now plague those who remain.

After years of training in stealth and warfare, Andriana and her Knight protector, Ronan, are finally ready to answer the Call and begin the life they were designed for. But as they embark with the other Remnants on the first of their assignments, they quickly discover that the world beyond their protected Valley is more dangerous than they imagined.

The Sons of Sheol will stop at nothing to prevent Dri and Ronan from rescuing anyone sympathetic to the Remnants’ cause. And as the Remnants battle the demonic forces, still other enemies close in. Dangers intensity, but so do Dri’s feelings for Ronan–the one emotion she is not meant to feel. In the midst of their mission, Andriana must find a way to master her feelings. Or risk compromising everything . . .

My Review:
As much as I love sci-fi movies I've never cared for books of that genre so I was a little hesitant picking up this book. I probably wouldn't have been interested in this series if I hadn't LOVED Lisa T. Bergren's River of Time Series as much as I did. I figured if anyone could make a fantasy book that I'd enjoy Lisa T. Bergren would be the one.

It took me the first couple chapters to understand all that was going on but after that...I was hooked! The author writes with such detail to the surroundings that I felt as if I was watching a movie. Often, I find descriptions to be somewhat drab and my eyes try to skip over those large portions but not with this book; I was captivated with every word written!

I loved the camaraderie of the knights and remnants. Even in the most trying situations they are still striving to work together as a team for the benefit of the Maker. Each of the characters had a unique personality that made me love them. Andriana, the heroine, I connected to the most. She had traits that made me feel as if we were alike. I even felt Andriana's confusion because I as well couldn't help but like the "bad guy" just a little.

If you like a book with action, mystique, an ever-changing plot, and characters worthy of a book crush...Remnants: Season of Wonder is definitely the book for you.

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐